What every marina owner should know before signing on the dotted line

Developing or redeveloping a marina is a significant undertaking for any marina owner, regardless of their budget and timeline. It can also be a frustrating experience for a marina owner who does not have a knowledgeable and experienced team of experts to guide them through each step of the project.

The right marina development partner has the power to bring a project to its full potential while saving both time and money for owners. Finding the right marina development partner is the first and most crucial step to ensure the success of a project.

From experience in marina development to having a reliable team of experts for everything from estimation to execution, keep reading to learn more about the ideal traits of a marina development partner.

Experience in marina development

It seems obvious that a marina owner in the position for development or redevelopment would want a development partner who has experience in construction, but in order to ensure that the owner will realize the maximum potential of their property and facility, it is crucial to look for development partners who specialize in or have past experience with marina development.

Partnering with a developer who understands the nuances of marina design from all perspectives – from developers and general contractors, all the way down to subcontractors and workers on-site – can ultimately add value for the marina owner in the form of functionality, efficiency, and most importantly, revenue and ROI.

Sole-source guidance from estimation to execution, and everything in between

Perhaps the most compelling way owners can benefit from a marina development partnership is that these experts can act as a single point of contact that directs owners toward a wide variety of critical resources, including:

  • Connections to available real estate
  • Access to financing
  • Market studies and site surveys
  • Engineering, architectural and design services
  • Skilled contractors and subcontractors

Owners also benefit from the streamlined communication such a partnership affords.

These benefits result in a significantly simplified process from estimation to execution for even the most complex marina development or redevelopment projects. If the partner is indeed a “one-stop-shop,” it could prove to be time-consuming and frustrating for the marina owner to keep track of so many different people dealing with different aspects of the project.

The ideal marina development partner would give the client one point of contact, then allowing that contact to pass their questions, concerns, ideas and changes down the pipeline. Compared to leaving it up to the client to track down the right people to pass their information or requests along, this is a simpler and more efficient way to keep the client involved in the project and make sure their questions are always answered.

Development partnerships save time and money for marina owners

Most developers are more than capable of completing a project on-time and within budget, but those developers who will strive to save the client time and money can be more difficult to find. The ideal marina development partner will identify the most efficient and profitable use of marina. Simply put, the right marina development partnership will put money back into the owner’s pocket and have their operations back up and running as soon as possible.

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