How “One-Stop-Shop” Construction Solutions Streamline Marina Development

Marina development presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. A marina owner’s search for a development and construction partner with the knowledge and expertise to help them realize the full potential of their marina can be daunting.
Even something as seemingly mundane as the delivery method can make or break a project. For instance, how well do you understand the differences between conventional and design-build construction? Which makes more sense for marinas?
We’ll say it right off the bat: we’re a design-build contractor offering turnkey marina development services. We think it’s the better play. Keep reading to learn why.

Turnkey Service Provides Sole-Source Guidance from Start to Finish

In conventional delivery, a construction project is executed under the direction of a handful of separate entities, including architectural firms, engineering firms, contractors and subcontractors. It can be a frustrating undertaking for a marina owner to coordinate schedules and effectively communicate when there are so many cooks in the kitchen, each with their own goals and priorities.

What’s more, when a project is delivered piecemeal, it extends the project timeline. The philosophy guiding turnkey development is that a single entity bears total responsibility for the project from inception to conclusion. And, it simplifies the construction process by eliminating the owner’s hassle of coordinating communication across multiple entities.
In a turnkey project, that’s the responsibility of the General Contractor. The result? The risk for confusion or miscommunication is reduced, conflicts among responsible entities are eliminated, and your facility is up and running sooner.

The improved pipeline of communication on a turnkey project can also help identify and meet the unique needs of each marina owner. More direct communication with the General Contractor allows the marina owner’s vision, budget, and operational requirements to be clearly heard. Additionally, a General Contractor who has experience with marina development can bring an added layer of knowledge and expertise over the course of the project.

A turnkey General Contractor will also typically provide the client with an analysis of costs incurred on their project. While things like building materials and labor are considered hard costs, expenses indirectly related to the construction of the building are called soft costs. Soft costs include landscaping, interior design, legal fees, surveying, permitting, as well as architectural and engineering expenses.

Hard cost and soft cost analyses are common across all sectors. Any good builder knows how to do one. But not just any builder has direct, repeated experience addressing challenges and identifying opportunities for marina owners.

Put simply, when marina owners identify the right turnkey development partner, they can rest assured their property will reach is maximum potential for profitability, return on investment, and community appeal.

Added Benefits of Turnkey Development for Marina Owners

In addition to the simplified communication structure and comprehensive schedules offered with turnkey construction, marina owners who choose this development method can also benefit in other ways. By partnering with a turnkey builder, a considerable amount of risk and responsibility for the success of the project is taken off of a marina owner’s shoulders and placed on the builder.

Because the turnkey builder will be the primary source of communication between the various entities involved with the project, marina owners can use their time more effectively, focusing on core business functions and preparing to have their new and improved facility fully operational again.

Turnkey marina development solutions from ASAR Marine

Are you working to resolve capacity constraints or identify new revenue at your marina? If new construction, expansion, or redevelopment is a part of your planning process, consider consulting with a builder who specializes in these unique projects. Our experts at ASAR Marine are eager to learn more about your project — contact us today.