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Smart Storage Solutions for Warehouses

Discover how ASAR can streamline storage at manufacturing and distribution facilities.

3 Ways ASAR Adds Value

Higher Density Storage

Unlike traditional forklift or crane storage, ASAR’s belt-driven automated storage system can safely store multiple shipping containers on one level. Improved vertical lifting capabilities allows even more flexibility for storage. This translates to a substantial increase in usable storage space without increasing facility footprint.

Maximize Revenue and ROI

Replacing traditional storage methods with an automated solution can potentially double the number of containers stored at the facility with no increase in footprint, spurring a significant boost in revenue. Owners of ASAR-equipped distribution facilities will see their ROI continue to grow years after integrating this technology because of its efficiency, reliability, and practicality.

Reduced Risk and Operational Cost

The reliability and efficiency of ASAR automated storage greatly reduces the potential for damage, operator error, and equipment malfunction typically associated with forklift or crane storage and retrieval. ASAR can be operated at a cost of $15 per hour and saves owners money through the reduction of personnel costs. This automated system only requires periodic maintenance and comes with a kit of recommended spare parts in case of damage that requires repair.