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Innovation in Automotive Storage

Maximize capacity, safety, and revenue with ASAR for automotive storage.

3 Ways ASAR Adds Value

Higher Density Storage

ASAR has the potential to provide a significant increase in usable space in parking garages or automotive storage facilities through the elimination of driving area. This translates directly into increased parking capacity or rentable spaces without increasing facility footprint.

Maximize Revenue and ROI

With up to double the original parking capacity and significantly lower operational, personnel, and maintenance costs, facility owners can potentially see their revenue double. Automation will also result in a higher ROI and increased resale value.

Reduced Risk and Operational Cost

ASAR automated storage greatly reduces the potential for damage and theft, and eliminates personnel costs associated with security, valet, or ticket attendants. This efficient and reliable automated solution can be operated at a cost of $15 per hour and only requires periodic maintenance. Additionally, ASAR is capable of complete solar operation, limiting downtime in the event of a power outage and reducing a facility’s adverse environmental impact.