The Future of Marina Storage

Discover the four major ways ASAR can help marina owners achieve higher density storage and maximize ROI.

Innovation in Automotive Storage

Maximize capacity, safety, and revenue with ASAR for automotive storage.

Smart Storage Solutions for Warehouse

Discover how ASAR can streamline storage at manufacturing and distribution facilities.

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Gulf Star Marina - Builder's Perspective

Our CEO Robert Brown talks about the advantages to creating an Automated Storage and Retrieval facility.

ASAR Teaser

ASAR automated storage is a reliable, long-lasting solution to many of the storage challenges that marine, automotive and warehouse facility owners confront daily. This smart storage solution offers higher density storage, greater revenue and ROI, and little to no downtime due to maintenance and repairs.

Boat Dispenser | Innovation Nation

Check out this episode of CBS’ Innovation Nation, featuring Gulf Star Marina and the ASAR system!

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Introducing: Gulf Star Marina

Gulf Star Marina is the world’s first fully automated marina, located on Fort Myers Beach, Florida.

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See how you can grow revenue and resolve capacity issues at your facility with ASAR automated storage.

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