Streamline storage and seize new opportunities

The Ultimate Space-Saving Solution

ASAR automated storage is a reliable, long-lasting solution to many of the storage challenges that marine, automotive and warehouse facility owners confront daily. This smart storage solution offers higher density storage, greater revenue and ROI, and little to no downtime due to maintenance and repairs.

Key Benefits of ASAR Automated Storage

  • Increased storage capacity
  • Reduced operational and personnel costs
  • Increased facility efficiency
  • Less downtime for maintenance & repairs
  • Reduced fossil fuel emissions
  • Solar power-capable

ASAR Applications for Marine, Automotive, and Warehouse

ASAR for Marine

The reliability and efficiency of ASAR automated storage in marinas offers a 30-50% increase in rentable cubic space compared to traditional forklift storage. It also creates the potential for higher revenue and ROI and greatly reduces the risk of damage and operator error.
See ASAR for Marine.

ASAR for Automotive

ASAR has the potential to provide a significant increase in usable space, reduce risk of theft and damage, and improve efficiency in parking garages, automotive storage facilities, and even dealerships through the elimination of driving area. See ASAR for Automotive.

ASAR for Warehouse

Replacing traditional storage methods with an automated solution can potentially double the number of containers stored at manufacturing or distribution facilities with no increase in footprint, spurring a significant boost in revenue and increased resale value.See ASAR for Warehouse.