Solve storage problems. Seize new opportunities.

The Future of Marina Storage Starts With ASAR

Forklifts have historically been the primary equipment used in marinas for storage and retrieval. While they are the most practical solution for most marina owners, forklifts present some serious concerns, such as the restricted load capacity, frequent maintenance and repairs, and high potential for damage or operator error. Automated storage alleviates these concerns and adds value over time.

    Quick Benefits

  • $15 per hour operating cost
  • 30-50% capacity increase
  • Greater ROI & resale value
  • Solar power capable

3 Ways ASAR Adds Value

Higher Density Storage

Unlike traditional forklift storage, ASAR’s belt-driven automated storage system can safely store multiples vessels deep on one level and store even the heaviest vessels on the top rack with a height ceiling of up to 65 feet. This translates to a 30-50% increase in rentable cubic space without increasing facility footprint.

Maximize Revenue and ROI

Replacing forklifts with an automated solution creates a significant increase in rentable cubic space. This can potentially double the number of marine vessels stored at the facility with no increase in footprint, spurring a significant boost in revenue and increased resale value.

Reduced Risk and Operational Costs

The reliability and efficiency of ASAR automated storage greatly reduces the potential for damage, operator error, and equipment malfunction typically associated with forklift storage and retrieval. ASAR can be operated at a cost of $15 per hour and only requires periodic maintenance. Additionally, ASAR is capable of complete solar operation, limiting downtime in the event of a power outage.