Marina owners face many concerns on a day-to-day basis – the threat of inclement weather, damage and theft, inevitable downtime for forklift maintenance or repairs, and reaching full capacity for boat storage. Preventing or resolving each of these issues costs time and money for the marina owner. But what if there was a solution that would significantly reduce these concerns while simultaneously increasing profitability and operating efficiency?

Automated dry-stack technology holds the solution to many of the challenges faced by both marina owners and patrons of the marina. Read below to learn more about automated dry-stack technology, the benefits in store for marina owners and patrons, and why this solution has the potential to be the future of marina storage.

What is automated dry-stack technology?

Automated dry-stack technology is a next-generation storage solution capable of maximizing a marina’s profitability by increasing usable cubic space and operating efficiency. Automated systems provide a faster, more reliable storage-and-retrieval system compared to traditional forklift or crane methods. These smart storage systems are fully customizable, environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and will significantly reduce personnel costs, maintenance costs and potential for boat damage associated with forklift or crane storage-and-retrieval.

How does automated dry-stack technology work?

Automated dry-stack technology offers flexibility in storage configuration and improved lifting capabilities to store larger boats on the upper racks, which is one of the main shortcomings of the traditional forklift method. In most automated systems, vessels are transported via a fixed cradle that safely hugs the hull of the boat while gently gliding along a track between the storage rack and the water. Though each automated system has slightly different transport methods, lifting capacities and storage capacities, automation alleviates the major concerns and hazards of forklift operation and offers improved reliability and operational efficiency.

What are some of the benefits offered by automated dry-stack technology?

Automated dry-stack technology provides a plethora of benefits to both the owner-operator and patrons. For the owner-operator, replacing forklifts with an automated solution results in drive aisle reduction that creates a significant increase in rentable cubic space. This allows for the storage nearly double the number of marine vessels with no increase in footprint.

These systems also offer improved rack-to-water delivery and very little downtime for maintenance and repairs.

Additionally, the concrete structures that house this advanced technology are far superior to pre-engineered metal buildings, offering enhanced storm protection; built-in fire, sound, and heat insulation; and reduced risk of damage and theft.

Marina patrons also benefit from the reliability of automated dry-stack storage. The reduced risk for damage during transport and the fast retrieval-and-return process will give patrons peace of mind about the safety of their boat and let them maximize their time on the water. At some facilities, patrons will also receive the added luxury of boat cleaning on the route back to storage, concierge and valet services, and on-site shopping and dining experiences.

How automated dry-stack technology will change the future of boat storage

From a financial standpoint, this is an incredibly sensible solution for the future of the marina boat storage industry. Marina owners will see their return on investment (ROI) continue to increase long after their grand opening and can rest assured their building and automated storage system will retain its value for resale.

Especially for marina owners in high-value real estate markets with limited space, the value of liberating otherwise unusable cubic space without increasing the footprint is game-changing. The space saved by the compact footprint of the automated dry-stack storage can be repurposed for greenspace, boardwalks, or commercial attractions such as shops or restaurants – yet another opportunity to maximize profits and utilize every inch of space.

Learn more about automated dry-stack technology

Are you a marina owner looking to create new revenue opportunities and resolve capacity issues at your marina? If so, automated dry-stack technology could be the ideal solution. To learn more about this technology and whether it’s a viable solution at your marina, contact us.